Organic Crops Unit

The East Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center-Organic Crops Unit, aquired in 1973, is located on Government Farm Road, 7 miles south of UT’s Agriculture Campus. This 92 acre tract is utilized to provide land, equipment, and support for faculty and graduate students to conduct agriculture related research, with a primary emphasis on sustainable and organic crop production. The unit’s main soil type is Decatur Silt Loam.
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Facilities available at the ETREC-Organic Crops Unit include: seven high tunnels, a greenhouse and head house, a vegetable grading and packing facility, as well as one residential house.

The primary research undertaken at ETREC-Organic Crops Unit includes: vegetable based field and variety research trials, organic management techniques, organic and sustainable forage research, no-till corn and soybeans, management practices for production of corn and soybeans, with emphasis on fertility and weed control, bee and wildflower management, student market garden, tomato variety testing, vegetable production on biodegradable mulches, and extensive use of cover crops for prevention of erosion, improving organic matter content of the soil, and for overall sustainability.

The ETREC-Organic Crops Unit hosts an annual Organic Crops Field Tour, in which the public is able to see first hand the methods and approaches ETREC-Organic Crops Unit is using to become a leader in sustainable and organic crop production research. This event is usually held in the spring.

Contact the Organic Crops Unit:

East Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center-Organic Crops Unit
7315 Government Farm Road
Knoxville, TN 37920

Bill Lively
Phone: 865-621-6790